About Us

Welcome to culturalivMag, the blog of culturaliv.com!

Here we take you to Paris, New York, London and elsewhere, by way of our own discoveries and inspirations.
Here we want to show that museums are as much social as they are cultural places to go with friends. We share our favorite exhibitions, museum cafés and artists.
Here we give a voice to personalities, some known though many not, who have an original perspective on the world of culture and museums.
Here we encourage you to bring your little ones to the museum with tips on how to peak their interest.
Here we share our experiences to inspire yours!

The Team 

So who is “we”?

‘We’ is the culturaliv.com team!

First, there is Timothy, the one without whom none of this would have happened. He’s not yet 35 and he’s not an art historian. But given his love for traveling, museums, friends and cafés he thought: why not bring it all together?
 So after his time at the Financial Times Group and a Paris-based hedge fund, he decided to make the leap and launch culturaliv.com! He’s half French-half American, has lived in Paris, London and New York and is a board member of the Heckscher Museum in New York.
 Ah and I almost forgot: that name, culturaliv. It’s how Timothy refers to his visits to museums, as his cultural i.v.! Now you know everything!

Then there is John, without whom none of this would have been possible. He’s young, handsome and talented. His specialty? Graphic design and brand management. Just look at our site!
 He’s worked with Timothy since the beginning and it was together they lay the first stone. They’ve come a long way since then.
 Originally from New York, John lives in Boston with his family (he has two very very cute boys), and we’re luck to have his decade of graphic design experience supporting culturaliv.

Antoine is another without whom none of this would have been possible. Monotonous you might think, but it’s true!
 He loves culture, photography and good food and above all, he’s a geek. A super nice geek, without glasses and with many friends. Thanks to him we have a great website and a beautiful blog. And as an entrepreneur himself, we get seasoned perspective! He’s a bit Swiss, a lot French and he lives in Paris.

Last but not least, there is Aurélie, a woman…finally! I will spare you the “without whom this wouldn’t bla bla bla”!
 She’s barely 30 (that’s what we say for girls…) and she’s always loved reading and writing. After almost 10 years in communications at one of France’s largest multi-nationals, she was seduced by the culturaliv challenge and took over strategy and communications. To finish, she has a daughter, who very very cute (obviously), and everything she writes about children has to go through her!

But what is culturaliv.com exactly?

It’s very simple: culturaliv.com is an online platform centralizing temporary exhibitions at destination museums around the world. It’s a exhibition calendar that makes it easy to find opening hours, dates of exhibits, drink and food options available at the museums, etc. It’s a unique site to find information wherever you are: Paris, London, New York and elsewhere. You can invite your friends to come with you, read reviews of visitors before you, and rate and write your own review of the exhibits you see!

We encourage you to make culturaliv.com your resource for everything museum and please don’t hesitate to share it with your everyone around you.

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