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Why We’re Into Museums

And why you should be into them as well!

Short answer: because they’re great places to hang out.

I could’ve started and ended with that but there’s more – just without the fancy words people often use when talking about art and museums. The idea here is to lighten it up a bit. This industry’s been run by a class of collectors, curators and critics who’ve brought with them words like ‘revolutionary’ and ‘preeminent’ even though it’s very existence is entirely dependent on the rest of us. Every major public institution, and many private, in Europe and the US have benefited one way or another from government support, meaning your support.

So next time you walk into your local museum know that it’s your tax and ticket contributions – and your heritage – that keeps the doors open. So discover at will, which for many of us means selfies and laughing out loud.

But let’s also be grateful that museums know how to conserve and exhibit this public trust better than we do. It is after all where we go to find inspiration and learn about what we’ve been through as a society and as a nation.

And as museums keep up with the times they’re becoming unique venues that also host eateries, gardens and stores. Exhibitions are getting bigger and more dynamic (and hopefully more relevant), cold, pre-wrapped sandwiches are being replaced by seriously delicious restaurants, gardens are often secluded and full of sculptures, and the boutiques are now some of the best shopping in town.

While their work remains serious, the dynamic in these institutions is becoming more accessible. It doesn’t mean they’ve worked their way back to the top of our social agenda, but if they keep it up they will surely be among the top social and cultural destinations for local audiences as much as foreign visitors.

So, you looking for a place to hang out with friends this weekend? Find an exhibit to see together at!

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